Lifestyle Changes: Making Better Health Choices With Le-vel Thrive Premium

Le-vel Thrive is a MLM company specialized in promoting premium-styled wellness and health supplements. The company’s popularity is on the upswing. Consumers’ interest in Le-vel Thrive is on the rise since 2013, the year when the company was launched. Le-vel Thrive is now among the fastest growing North American wellness companies.

The company was founded by Paul Gravette and Jason Camper with the aim to provide consumers the opportunity and products to live a premium lifestyle. Because they are operating with cutting edge cloud technology, Le-vel Thrive doesn’t have physical headquarters. More money can be paid to the members of the MLM network thanks to less overhead costs.

Products Offered By Le-vel Thrive

The most popular product line on Le-vel Thrive’s offer is an eight-week life transformation program called the Thrive Experience. This program is designed to help improving your well-being and health through a holistic approach.

The company promotes a professional, slick aesthetic. Their target audience is made up of consumers who appreciate high-quality, well-designed products. Le-vel Thrive promotes ideas such as weight maintenance and well-being instead of focusing on losing a certain number of pounds per month. The Thrive Experience program aims being a lifestyle enhancer.

The program consists of three supplements, a dermal patch, a shake mixture, and a capsule based supplement. This mix of products is not only designed to help you lose weight but also to make you feel more energized and be healthier.

The Lifestyle Capsules are featured in two different formulations catering to men and women. When it comes to mineral and vitamin ingredients, the male and female capsule versions are actually identical, containing the trace elements selenium, vanadium and chromium as well as a combination of B-complex vitamins, and the vitamin A.

They both contain herbal extract ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia plant extract, CoQ10, white willow bark, and caffeine from green tea, Guarana and green coffee bean extract as well as several probiotic bacterial spores. However, there are some differences between the men and women capsule versions. The men’s formulation contains argining, glutamine and a branched chain amino acid blend. The women’s version contains aspartic acid serine, and slightly different ratios of the other ingredients.

Both of these capsule versions are potent metabolism boosters. The scientific research supports caffeine intake as a legitimate way to increase your metabolism in order to increase weight loss. A scientific article published in the year 2005 in the research journal Obesity has shown that caffeine has an effect in increasing thermogenesis, burning more energy and supporting weight loss.

Le-vel Thrive Compensation plan

You can become a member of the Le-vel Thrive MLM network by purchasing an enrollment package. You also need to keep a monthly product volume of 100 in order to be eligible to earn commissions. The cheapest option of enrolment package costs $200.

The company’s MLM business model is based by a downline system called “unilevel”. According to this system you can earn on deeper levels within your downline if you have a higher rank within the company. You can earn commissions on your referrals’ product sales. The commission vary from 4 percent on up to 3 levels for a promoter to 8 percent on all 8 levels for a 200K VIP rank.

Within the Le-vel Thrive MLM company you can earn through various ways. For direct sales of a product you can receive a 20 percent commission. When you recruit someone who buys one of the start packs you also get a commission called the “Infinity Fast Start”. Based on your direct referrals’ earnings you can also get 10 to 20 percent bonus. There are also the Team Commissions that range from 4 to 8 percent, depending on your level within the company. Other various bonuses for good performance include holidays, cars, and iPads. Learn more about the plan and its products by visiting :

Pros To Le-vel Thrive

Among the interesting features of this MLM business is the “waiting room” function andthe back office. We also like the fact that you can join their MLM network for free and earn 20 percent retail commissions on direct product sales.

Final Thoughts On Le-vel Thrive

Overall, we like the Le-vel Thrive MLM company. Their products are useful for a healthy lifestyle and their MLM business plan offers fair commissions for earning an online income. If you love health and wellness products and you are ready to share them with the network of people you know, then you can join Le-vel Thrive and build a solid online business for yourself.