How important are employee unions? How to work with them?

Unions can have a significant impact on the work environment and compensation schemes for workers. Unions help to fight for employee rights. They represent employees in case of legal matters. For example, if someone is dismissed from work unethically, then the union can fight for that employee. Unions improve the productivity of employees. The reason for this is that employees know that there is someone to take care of them. So, their confidence level increases and they perform better. Here are some benefits of having a union.

  • Unions can help raise salary and benefits of employees. They also reduce wage inequality.
  • Unionized workers have a better chance of getting more leaves, health benefits, and pension plans.
  • They get more paid vacation opportunities.
  • They can look after the health and safety of the employees. They will ensure that you get proper overtime payments or medical leave.

How to work with unions
If there is a union in your factory, you should know about it in advance so that you can go for collective bargaining. You should always consult with your union when you make any significant change in the company. You should give your employees some free time so that the employees can join for union activities. You should not discriminate any worker for being a member of the union.

You must work with the company union as a team. Try to avoid major disputes with the union. They are very powerful. If you hurt them in any way, they may cause serious problems for the organization.