a1The MidAtlantic Employers’ Association was founded in 1933 for acting as a clearinghouse and catalyst for their members. It is a non-profit organization with more than 650 employers in the MidAtlantic region. It includes both manufacturing and service organizations. It shares information and expertise about employee productivity and human resource management.

The primary objective of this organization is to attract, motivate and retain the workforce. It is a source from which members can get practical solutions regarding human resource management. It provides various management training throughout the years. Some training is conducted on site and some using webinar. MAEA helps its members to maintain compliance and reduce risk. It guides the members to develop an employee handbook. If there is any issue with any employee which is difficult to handle, MAEA comes forward to help.

MAEA provides a wide range of services to its member organizations which include employee background checks, wage surveys, recruiting nd compensation consulting, etc. If you run a company and have to deal with many employees every day, then you can join MAEA.