5 Amazing Office Additions That Your Employees Are Going To Love

Employees tend to stay with a company if they are happy. It is necessary for the employers to make sure that their employees are happy to guarantee they are contented, this way they will stay with the company and do their jobs well. Let me give you some tips on what are the great additions you can add to your business that your employees would surely love.

Fitness Gym

Employees love to have a gym in the office that they can access anytime for free. It will give a lot of benefits to the wellness of your people. The healthier they are means, the more they will be in shape to do their jobs. If you have a gym in the office people will undoubtedly be motivated to go to work looking forward to being able to work out before or after their shift.

Game Room

Having a game room in your office is a great stress reliever for your employees. Even if you are the boss, you cannot control the frustration of your people if they get too stressed with what their job. If you have a game room, then your people will have an outlet to release their stress. The more people are relaxed means they can do a better job.


One way to keep your employees safe is if you have a well-equipped clinic in your office. Your staff will feel that if anything happens they can be easily treated. Having a clinic is also one way to show your employees that don’t just care for your business but you also care about them.

Free Cafeteria

There’s no better thing that employees love than free food. If you will install a pantry in your office where your employees can get free coffee and snacks, for sure people would love to stay in your company for a long time. For the employees, they will feel that this is how you show your consideration to the people who brings money for the business.

Smoking Area

Although not everyone in the company smokes, having a smoking area in the vicinity that can be easily accessed by employees who smokes is a big plus. The people who smoke can easily do their business in the designated area without compromising the health of those employees who doesn’t smoke. It is the way that people will know your concern because you think about the interest of the people who smoke and those who doesn’t.

Employers should consider the benefit of the employees because if not for them the business will fail. The workforce should be one of the top priorities of the management to ensure smooth flow of the firm. The leaders of the company should make sure that they balance the company’s interest as well as the welfare of their employees. It’s not easy to find people who will work with compassion and the only way you can get these kinds of employees is if you will show them that you care.

7 reasons why you should provide personal health education to your employees

The employees of a company play a huge role in the success of the company. It is important that they perform at their highest level all the time. Companies now take the personal health of the employees very seriously. They are now more concerned about the various health issues and the health care costs that are affecting the lives of the employees. You need to educate your employees on personal healthcare and educate them on brand new health supplements so that they can take measures before they have a serious health issue and know how to deal with it financially. Here are seven reasons why you should provide such program for your employees.

Develop high level of awareness

People are now becoming more conscious about their health. The works are becoming more stressful, and people now need to work longer hours and do multiple tasks. You should inform the employees about the need to keep them healthy and fit. You should encourage them to have a healthy diet and do regular exercise.

Let them know about the various health risks

The majority of the healthcare costs are spent on treating chronic diseases. Many people don’t know that these diseases are preventable. Diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity are the most common chronic diseases people are suffering from. You can advise them on what can be done to prevent such disease. These diseases can be addressed through constant education.

Reduces absenteeism

By participating in these healthcare programs, the employees will become more informed about the various health care issues. They will try to change their lifestyle and become fit and healthy. They will start to pay more attention to their health. So, they will be healthier. Their productivity at workplace will increase, and there will be less absenteeism due to sickness. As they will learn about the preventive treatments, they will be able to protect themselves from any severe diseases.

Learn about health insurance program

You will be able to educate your employees about the health insurance policy of your company. Many people don’t know in details about these programs. So, they miss the opportunity to make their claims. Learning about the health insurance program will help the employees to feel better about the company they work for. It will also give them security in case they have any severe disease, as they know that they are covered by the health insurance policy.

It will save money

By knowing about the health insurance program, they will be able to save a lot of money on medical treatments. Many companies also provide health insurance for the family members as well. They know when to pursue the health benefits that they have. They will be able to take advantage of the employee benefits will maximize their savings.

Increases job satisfaction

By knowing that they will be able to save a lot of money with the help of their health insurance policy gives increased job satisfaction. They know that the employers care about them. This will motivate them to work harder and achieve better results. They will feel positive about their work.

Helps in retaining the best employees

The best employees focus on the perks and benefits that the company provides them besides the regular salary. The health insurance and personal healthcare programs can increase their job satisfaction. So, they will consider these extra benefits before switching their jobs. You have more chance of retaining your best employees by having these programs.

As part of this program, you can provide various health care facilities to your employees. For example, you can have a monthly regular medical checkup of your employees which includes checking blood sugar level, blood pressure, etc. You can set up a gym inside the office premise. This will let the employees exercise right after work or during their free time. You can provide them information about the best practitioners in town or the most affordable hospital. You can also provide first-aid training for your employees. You can see that the personal health education can provide lots of benefits to your employees. By investing in such program will give you a good return. Your employees will be healthy, happy and satisfied. They will be more productive and will work harder to achieve the company goals. So, have a good personal health education program for your employees.

How important are employee unions? How to work with them?

Unions can have a significant impact on the work environment and compensation schemes for workers. Unions help to fight for employee rights. They represent employees in case of legal matters. For example, if someone is dismissed from work unethically, then the union can fight for that employee. Unions improve the productivity of employees. The reason for this is that employees know that there is someone to take care of them. So, their confidence level increases and they perform better. Here are some benefits of having a union.

  • Unions can help raise salary and benefits of employees. They also reduce wage inequality.
  • Unionized workers have a better chance of getting more leaves, health benefits, and pension plans.
  • They get more paid vacation opportunities.
  • They can look after the health and safety of the employees. They will ensure that you get proper overtime payments or medical leave.

How to work with unions
If there is a union in your factory, you should know about it in advance so that you can go for collective bargaining. You should always consult with your union when you make any significant change in the company. You should give your employees some free time so that the employees can join for union activities. You should not discriminate any worker for being a member of the union.

You must work with the company union as a team. Try to avoid major disputes with the union. They are very powerful. If you hurt them in any way, they may cause serious problems for the organization.

3 essential tips on keeping your staff motivated

Motivated workers can take your business further towards its goals. They will be glad to work for you, feel valued and be part of a team. They will also get a feeling of achievement that will help to work more. Here are three ways to keep your employees motivated.

Clarify company goals and the role of the employee


You should be clear about the job description of the employee. You must also make sure that the company knows what the overall business goal is. You should always communicate with your staff. You should be open to them so that they can ask you any job-related questions. They should be allowed to express their ideas. Once the employees know what is expected of them, they will feel more secure. They will be able to measure their performance and motivate themselves to work harder.

You should listen to your employees and appreciate their efforts


As an employer, you should be aware what is going on behind you; that is, whether employees are happy working in your company or whether there is any issue regarding any employee or work, etc. You should also engage in conversation during the meeting. If someone has done well, you must thank them and appreciate his or her work. If something is bothering your worker, you should take steps to resolve the situation. If your employee complains about something, listen to them and take appropriate action.

Don’t change the employee’s goal


If you change sales target, job description, etc. then it is very demotivating for your employees. It indicates that the employee is not fit for their current job role. This will decrease their morale, and they will lose the enthusiasm to work.

You should always give positive energy to your employees and remove any stress element from your company. You must always motivate them to increase the productivity of your business.

5 reasons why it’s so important to have great employee benefits

If you want to run your business successfully, you must keep your employees happy. You should provide them a real incentive to maximize the productivity. Here are the main reasons why you should offer great benefits to your employee.

1. Improve your appeal

If you can get skilled and dedicated workers in your team, your business will have a good foundation. To attract them, you need to give them some benefits that will differentiate your business from the rest. Instead of offering benefits that every company provides, you can offer them something different. For example, you can offer them paid holidays, health plans, retirement plans, etc. If you have real talents on your team, these benefits will help to retain your employees.

2. Minimize turnover rate

If the turnover rate is high, it’s a big problem for the business to progress. You will not find a matured team to lead the other employees. If you offer good benefits, the employees will stay with you for a long time.

3. Boosting morale

Giving benefits boost employee morale. If you understand the needs of your employees, the employees will be more dedicated to their works. If you can show them that you care for the employees, they will become loyal to you. Employees with high morale will increase the productivity of your company.

4. Better performance

Providing benefits show that you care for the employees. The employees will work harder and produce positive results. The quality of work will also be better.

5. Healthier employees

If you provide health or dental plan to your employee, they will be in good health. They will go for regular health checkups and consider taking preventive medical measures. So, the rate of sick leaves will decrease. Ultimately, you will have a healthier workforce.

Initially, it may seem that benefits are expensive for the company. But in the long run, you will be highly benefited. You will have a stable and happy workforce.